Automate business workflows and build custom ERP and CRM systems. Develop decentralized apps and solutions for Industry 4.0 and Web 3.0. Build a robust DevSecOps process for your organization that delivers.

Find the solution to meet the needs of your application or business

Discover the perfect solution tailored to fulfill the specific requirements of your application or business. Whether you're seeking software tools, technological capabilities, or strategic partnerships, find the ideal match to address your unique needs and propel your endeavors forward with confidence and efficiency.
Initiatives-wise Solutions

Digital solutions bundled with Batoi products and services to solve a particular class of problem in business.


Digital solutions that are chosen and tailor-made with Batoi products and services for various industry verticals.


Solutions using different digital technologies with Batoi products and services aligned with a 'cloud-first' approach.


Digital solutions with integration of Batoi products and services with 3rd party products aligned with a 'cloud-first' approach.


Create robust, scalable, and secure applications with a feature-rich platform that takes care of the heavy lifting.

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