Social Initiatives

Sustainable, Equitable, and Empowered World

For a Sustainable, Equitable, and Empowered World

At Batoi, we strongly engage with different stakeholders in our society, state and global bodies to build a sustainable, equitable, and empowered world. Contact us to know more or to partner with us.
Sustainable Computing
We contribute towards achieving sustainable goals by transforming software engineering and management processes.
Open Innovation
We work with institutions and open-source communities for open innovations in software engineering and management.
Right To Source Code
We strongly advocate the customers’ rights to source code for enhanced transparency and to avoid vendor lock-in.

At Batoi, through Sustainable Computing, Open Innovation, and advocating the Right to Source Code, we're not just creating software, we're shaping a more sustainable, open, and accessible digital future.

Ashwini Kumar Rath
Director and CEO, Batoi

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