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At Batoi Research, we aim to drive innovation and build solutions with cutting-edge digital technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing, and IoT, with a strong focus on sustainability and affordability.
Platform Features

Our Research Programs

Engaged in research activities through various programs
Special Group Projects (SGP)
We take up research projects on advanced computing in partnership with leading academic institutions.
Skills in Tech (SIT)
We work with leading institutions to align new or frontier digital technologies into skill programs

Key Research Projects

IAM (Authentication, Authorization, MFA, SSO, RBAC)

Comprehensive identity and access management features. Implement robust authentication, authorization, multi-factor authentication, role-based access control (RBAC), and single sign-on solutions.

Microservice Security and Integration

Establish a secure, isolated, well-integrated microservices framework, security protocols, and service registry implementation.

Architecture and Language Performance

Optimize the system architecture and programming language use.

DevEx (Developer Experience)

An intuitive and efficient development environment. Development of tools, best practices guide, and feedback mechanisms.

Deployment Automation

Streamline and accelerate deployment cycles by integrating various deployment environments. Automated deployment scripts, user guides, and deployment pipeline documentation.


System monitoring and data collection, managing data privacy, large-scale data handling, data analysis tools, and privacy safeguards.

Analytics and Visualization

Analytics engine and visualization tools. Handling large datasets, and creating user-friendly interfaces, visualization dashboards, and user manuals.


Encryption modules, security audits, and best practice guides. Implement robust cryptographic measures through algorithms and quantum computing.

AI Layer

A suite of Generative AI tools tailored to the platform's needs, including content creation, data analysis, and process automation modules. AI integration framework, AI model library, ethical AI usage guidelines.

Micro frontends

A micro frontend framework, integration guidelines, and performance benchmarks.

Third-Party Client Libraries

Library management guidelines, dependency management, security audits, and integration protocols.

Third-Party PHP Libraries

PHP library collection, performance reports, and security guidelines.


Guidelines for application documentation and change management into the application configurations.

Version Management, Backup, and Restore of RAD Application

Robust version controls, backup, and restore functionalities. Best practices guidelines.

Dependency and Vulnerabilities

Dependency management tools, automated vulnerability reports, and update protocols.

Privacy and Security Compliance

Compliance checklists, audit reports, and training materials to ensure compliance with privacy and security standards.

Data Interoperability and Migrations

Mechanisms for data exchange and migration between systems to achieve high interoperability and smooth data migration processes by handling diverse data formats and structures. Data migration tools, interoperability guidelines, and integration APIs.

Disconnected Operation

Offline mode features, synchronization algorithms, and best practices documentation.

Adoption and Tech Stack Interoperability

Adoption of the platform and interoperability with different tech stacks. Integration guidelines and adoption strategies. Developing interoperability solutions tools.

Project Management, Efficiency, and Solution Best Practices

Effective project management strategies with enhanced project efficiency. Adopting best practices for crafting solutions.

dApp Development Automation and Security

Automated dApp development toolkit, security protocols and best practices, and compliance checklist for decentralized applications.

IoT Layer

IoT integration framework, device management tools, and security guidelines for IoT integrations.

AR/VR Integration and Automation

AR/VR development toolkit, automation tools for content creation, and AR/VR application design guidelines.

Sustainable Computing

Tools and features for energy-efficient computing within the platform, including guidelines and standards. Reports detailing the platform's environmental impact, energy consumption, and ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Language and Database Development

Programming language enhancements, database management tools, and performance optimization reports.

Key Research Projects

Founder and CEO

Ashwini Kumar Rath

An entrepreneur, author and DevSecOps consultant, Ashwini Kumar Rath is the Founder and CEO at Batoi and is actively involved in strategic affairs and product development.
Director, Research

Dr. Sanjay Mohapatra

An expert in the areas of Information Systems, IT Strategy, E-Commerce Strategy, Innovation, AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Change Management and Knowledge Management.

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