Unleash Potential, Foster Innovation, Drive Success with Batoi's EIP Program

Batoi's EIP Program offers an innovative partnership model designed to empower entrepreneurs, educators, and developers. By participating in our EIP-ICA and EIP-EI tracks, you'll gain access to our state-of-the-art Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools, specialized training, and a network of collaborative possibilities.

Explore EIP Program

Cloud Apps for Business
EIP-ICA Track: Incubation Centers & Accelerators
Designed for startups and incubators, the EIP-ICA Track equips you with advanced technologies, tailored modules, and extensive training to fast-track your product development and market entry. Connect and grow with our vibrant network of industry professionals and fellow entrepreneurs.
Workspace, Sites and API
EIP-EI Track: Educational Institutions
The EIP-EI Track is crafted to integrate cutting-edge tech into academic curricula, offering bespoke learning solutions, expert training, and valuable licensing opportunities. It's an ideal platform for educational institutions to align with the tech industry's demands.
Secured Infrastructure
Batoi Labs & Developer Community Initiative
Enhancing the EIP Program, Batoi Labs, and our Developer Community Initiative offer additional resources and collaborative environments, fostering a culture of innovation and success.

Why Join the EIP Program?


Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies:

Leverage Batoi's RAD framework and stay ahead in technology.


Comprehensive Training & Support:

Benefit from expert-led sessions and personalized consulting.


Collaborative Opportunities:

Network through workshops, events, and joint projects.


Empowerment & Innovation:

Equip yourself with tools and insights for groundbreaking advancements.

Join the EIP Program and transform your entrepreneurial or educational pursuit into a success story. Engage with us today and unlock a realm of possibilities in technology and innovation.

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